What's New?

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What's New?

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Version 3.9.1 (August 4 2012) - :

Added "estimates" to the recurring invoices report for average monthly income.


Added the NET-20M payment term (sets the due date to the 20th of the following month).


Added "Duplicate Quote" function to the quote window, Controls menu.


Updated database library to improve performance and reliability.


Updated reporting engine and improved performance for large reports.


Version 3.9 (June 23 2011) - :

Added credit card number encryption for PCI Compliance


Added ACH e-Check support for IPPay (more gateways coming soon)


Fixed email issue with Yahoo Premium Email service


Fixed email attachment issue for customers with accented names


Version 3.8 (March 30 2011) - :

Added batch envelope printing to the Customers tab


Fixed item order bug on recurring invoices (items could get out of order after a billing cycle)


Change the product and customer export formats to be compatible with the import format

with this change it is now possible to export customers and products from one company

file to another


Added support for the QuantumGateway credit card processor


Changed customer batch payments to accept over-payments and apply the appropriate credit


Version 3.7 (January 18 2011) -:


Update product import with an option to update existing products with new values if the SKU is

already in the database


Fixed embedded image bug when using the "send invoice as email" option


Added Bill Name to Customer Ship List report


Added Ship Name to search fields on Invoice tab


Added the new SkipJack payment gateway for integration with the Novera/K Software payment platform

(http://merchant.k-billing.com for details!)


Added customer payment option to the customer window - one payment can now pay off multiple invoices

with a single post (Payment button on the Customer window)


Updated the email library for additional compatibility with Gmail and Hotmail SMTP servers


Version 3.6 (March 23 2010) -:


Added NET-20M payment type - sets the due date to the 20th day of the month following the invoice date.


Added the "Taxable and Non-Taxable" report.


Added stock value totals to the stock report.


Fixed auto-backup to disable when set.


Added <next_year> and <next_month> to the macro list.


Fixed a bug in the customer credit report that was causing only Active customers to show.


Added features to help AntiVirus false-positive reports.


Version 3.5 (September 4th 2009) -:


Added option to ask for the admin password when deleting invoices or customers.


Added option to hide invoice item cost on the invoice item window (settings, Misc tab).


Added a "duplicate invoice" option to the Invoice Controls menu on the invoice window.


Added "Warn if PO numbers aren't unique" option to the MISC tab in settings.

The default behavior is to warn if the PO number has already been used for the customer

but with that option checked PO numbers are checked for uniqueness across the entire database.


Added "Don't warn if PO numbers aren't unique" option to the MISC tab in Settings to turn off

all PO number warnings.


Added "Always show tax 1" option to settings - this defaults to checked.

Un-check if you do not want tax to show in the total boxes when it is zero.


Fixed Sync Invoice Item Prices (from the tools menu) to update the currency format too.


New mail server library with better support for requesting read receipts and SSL emailing.


Added customer contact information to the Product Sales by Customer report.


Various invoice template fixes.


Version 3.0 (January 13th 2009) -:

Added automatic backup support. See the chapter in the help file for more information.


Added Bin Location to the products database and a new invoice template (Professional 10) that prints

the location in its own column on the invoice.


Items on Paid invoices can now have their SKU, Name, Description and Cost edited.


Added "Email after payment" setting to the Invoices tab, settings window.


Added #10 envelope printing. For individual invoices select Print Envelope from the Controls menu.


For batch envelope printing select the invoices in the invoice list, choose "Print Envelopes" from the


Batch Operations menu and then the Run Batch button. Envelope settings are at the bottom left of the Invoices

tab in kBilling®'s main settings, the return address (if needed) is on the company tab.


Change customer and product import to a named column syntax that is much easier to use. See the "Importing Customers" or "Importing Products"  chapter for more information.


Added batch late fee feature (Tools menu from the main window).


Added individual late fee feature to the invoice window (Tools menu).


Added uncategorized item details to the Category Sales report to show the detail of items that are on invoices but not saved in the product database.


Added sorting to the recurring invoice list.


Added "Invoice Profit/Loss" report to show cost on individual invoices.


Batch operations and save directories now save between sessions.


Changed customer statement template.


Change the way customers and products are imported - see the "Importing Customers" or "Importing Products" chapter of the help file for details.


Added Customer Credit report - shows customers stored that have credit available.


Modified the "Sync Invoice Item Prices" feature from the Tools menu to prompt for confirmation for both Pending and Recurring invoices so users can update prices for invoices in either status individually.


Added "email invoice" to the customer window's invoice list right-click menu.


Added memo item support for all invoice templates. A checkbox on the invoice item window makes only the description and price show on the invoice. Memo items can be mixed with standard items on the same invoice.


Added option to always synchronize customer data with invoices. Update a customer and all invoices for that customer are updated with the new address and contact information. kBilling® settings window, Misc tab, under Customer Defaults.


Added account number and routing number tracking to customers.


Added new section for quotes and proposals.


Added default for "don't show due dates on invoices".


Added "show unpaid invoices on statements" option on the Misc tab, kBilling® settings.



Version 2.8.0 (August 14th 2008) - :

Added Professional Blue invoice template.


Added Professional Red invoice template.


Added Professional Red Green invoice template.


Added Professional Teal invoice template.


Added Service 2 Red invoice template.


Added Service 2 Red Teal invoice template.


Updated GMail/SSL email library to properly encode PDF attachments.


Added Recurring Invoices report to customer to print details of all recurring invoices.


Added "1STMONTH" and "NET-30M" payment terms. "1STMONTH" sets the due date

to the first day of the month following the invoice date, NET-30M sets the due date to the

last day in the month of the invoice date.


Various small bug fixes in the template generator.


Version 2.7.0 (June 25th 2008) -:

Added shading to the new Recurring Invoices by Next Invoice report.


Added new Recurring Invoices by Next Invoice report.


Added persistent column widths to the invoice item quick view grid (column

widths are now saved).


Added PO number to invoice line on the customer statement.


Added Active/Inactive checkes to the newsletter window (customer status).


Updated database library to improve performance.


Added customer status checkes for the Invoice and Invoice Aging by

Customer reports (to run those reports for only active or inactive



Added "Batch Pay" option to the invoice batch operations list. Users can

now pay off multiple invoices with a single payment.


Added persistent save to the backup location. The last backup location

will now be the default when choosing "Backup Company File" from the

File menu.


Added "taxable total" tax method (Settings, Tax tab). This is the

default behavior but if unchecked kBilling® will calculate taxes per line



Added 2 new invoice templates - Professional 8 & 9.


Version 2.6.0 (May 16th 2008) -:


Re-ordered payments received report by payment date.


Various invoice template fixes.


Added an option to not print due dates.


Added product sales report by salesman.


Customer window redesigned.


Invoice window redesigned.


Added invoice item ordering options. Right-click on any item in the item list on the

invoice window to re-order. This change required a chance to the invoice templates -

if you have a custom invoice template please email it to support@ksoftware.net for a free



Added new Service 5 and Service 6 invoice templates.


Added per customer defaults for payment type and payment term (set or re-set those

default options on your whole customer database from Edit -> Settings -> Invoice Tab

(the Set All buttons next to the appropriate setting)).


Added "Create new customer records from invoices" - you can enable (or disable) the

creation of customer account records for invoices where the customer was not selected

from the customer list. Bottom of the Invoices tab, settings window.


Changed ordering on the payments received / payments received by category report to order

and group by SKU and name.


Added "Reset Grid Layout" options to all right-click menus for the search result grids.


Version 2.5.0 -:

Added <billing_cycle> to recurring macros - use it on recurring invoice items or notes and it will be

 replaced with the billing cycle name (Monthly, Yearly, Bi-Weekly, etc)


Added Synchronize Customer Addresses to the Tools menu on the main window.

   Use to update all invoices to customer addresses stored in the customer database.


Added options for both statement and invoice printers. Check the settings window, Misc tab to set these.

   By default both are set to your Windows default printer.


Added "invoice Point In Time" report letting you do an invoice report from and to any date (with totals "as of" the ending date).


Added new "BillTo Name" to customers and invoices to track different customer names/billing names.

   A new macro <bill_name> was created and can be used in the address formats, emails and items descriptions/notes for recurring invoices.


Added "don't print in batches" option to invoice window, Extra tab. The setting is carried to recurring invoices and causes any

   invoice with this option checked to not print in recurring print cycles or any batch prints.


Made the "special notes" box save the last used text.


Fixed invoice aging by customer report to properly total 31-60 past due amounts


Added tax exempt option for customers


Fixed "request return receipt" email option


Added GMail support and support for other SSL/TLS servers (changed email library)


Significantly changed the newsletter feature. Users can now load an HTML document in and all images will be attached and embedded automatically.


Added "Update all" button to the Misc tab on the settings window to set/reset those customer options (mailing list, paper invoice, email invoice, etc).


Added Bank Deposit to the payment type list


Added the customer number to the list on the invoices tab


Added a quick view aging report to the customer quick view


Added batch statement operations (print, save, email, etc)


Redesigned customer statement and implemented it using the invoice designer


Moved "detailed statement" option to Misc tab on settings window - check to show the items on invoices on the statement.


Added customer name to invoice file names when using "Save as"


Added default for invoice and customer country (settings window, Misc tab)


Added an option to disable loading the product lists into all drop-downs (useful for those that have large inventory lists)


Added automatic check to make sure kBilling® is only running 1 instance


Added aging information to the customer quick view


Added recurring cycle to the status column in the invoice list on the customer window (users may want to resize that column)


Added recurring cycle to the status column in the main invoice list (users may want to resize that column)


Added check number to the payment list on the customer window


Added date macros to the invoice and customer number prefixes:

   %yyyy: Will be replaced by the year value, 4 digits.

   %yy: Will be replaced by the year value, 2 digits.

   %mm: Will be replaced by the month value, 2 digits.

   %dd: Will be replaced by the day value, 2 digits.

   %hh: Will be replaced by the hour value, 2 digits.

   %ii: Will be replaced by the minute value, 2 digits.

   %ss: Will be replaced by the second value, 2 digits.


For example if your customer prefix is C%yyyy- your next customer number would look like C2008-1000 (if 1000 was the next sequential number).

   You can combin macros too, C%yyyy%mm- for <year><month> for example - all the way down to the second.


Added customizable texts for virtually all parts of the invoice (see Edit->Settings->Invoice tab)


Changed the name of the invoice PDF file to reflect the customer's name as well as invoice number


On recurring invoices there are a number of variables that can be used to represent relative dates:



   Nov, Oct, Dec, etc..


   November, October, December, etc..


   01, 02, 03, etc..


   Mon, Tues, Wed, etc..


   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc..




   2008, etc..


All of these variables are available with the next and invoice_date prefixes as well:


 Shows the "next" month after the current one, in the format described above.









 Shows the "next" month after the month part of the Next Invoice date, in the format described above.









 Shows the "next" month after the month part of the Next Invoice date, in the format described above.








You can use these variables to do an item like:


 For service from <invoice_date> to <next_invoice_dat>


When the billing cycle is run the pending invoice item names and/or descriptions will replace the above variables with their corresponding values.


For example, this item description on the recurring invoice:


 Service for <current_eng_long_month> , <current_year>


Would read:


 Service for May, 2008


When a recurring invoice runs in May of 2008.


Another example:


 Service from <invoice_date_eng_long_month>, <invoice_date_year> to <next_invoice_eng_long_month>, <next_invoice_year>