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Quotes / Proposals

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With the release of kBilling® 3.0, kBilling® allows the creation of quotes (AKA proposals).


The quotes section mimics the invoice section so much that almost all of the documentation applies to both. However, there are several key differences.


Quote totals don't affect a customer's account. Think of them as "pre invoices" more than anything. You create a quote from the New Quote button on the Quotes tab on the main window or the New Quote button on the customer window.


After creating a quote you can add items to it just like you would an invoice. Items added to a quote do not get taken out of stock right away.


Quotes support templates (they are different in name from the invoice templates but look the same).


Once a quote has been accepted by a customer all you need to do is click the "Make Invoice" button to create an invoice from the quote :



The new invoice created is shown automatically.

Once a quote is made into an invoice it is moved to status "Posted". You can show "Posted" quotes on the quote list by checking the "Posted" checkbox on the Quotes tab from the main window :



You can make a quote an invoice as many times as needed.