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Batch Late Fees

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Late fees can be assessed in a batch from the Tools menu of the main window or individually from the Tools menu on the invoice window.


To add late fees in a batch :


Click the Tools menu from the main kBilling® window and select "Add Late Fees to Invoices"


This window opens :



Fill in the details of the late fee and select how late the invoices have to be for this late fee to apply. In this example there will be a 10% (of the balance due) fee added to all invoices that are 1 to 90 days late, unless the invoice already has a late fee on it. If you want to add multiple late fees just check the "Apply multiple late fees" box.


Click Next and this window appears :



In this example there is only 1 invoice that meets the "between 1 and 90 days late" condition set on the previous window, it is checked by default.


If you want to print or email the invoice(s) after the late fee is added just check the "Print Invoices" or "Email Invoices" boxes.


Click the Add Late Fees to Checked Invoices and you're finished!