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Exporting Products

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Open kBilling® and the company file you would like to use. From the File menu on the main window's menu bar choose

Export -> Export Products.


Each record is on a single line with 1 tab character between the following fields in the order shown


1.Product Name [Any format]
2. Category Name [Any format]
3.Status [Active, Inactive]
4.SKU [Any format, must me unique if not blank]
5.Product Description [Any format]
6.Stock [Amount in stock - numbers only]
7.Low Limit [ Limit at which to display an alert]
8.Price [Numbers and decimal only]
9.Cost [Numbers and decimal only]
10.Taxable, Tax Rate 1 [t or f indicating true or false]
11.Taxable, Tax Rate 2 [t or f indicating true or false]
12.Service [t or f (stock/cost isn’t applicable)]
13.Bin Location [Any format]


Excel and most other spreadsheet programs can open TSV (tab separated file) formatted files!