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Exporting Customers

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Open kBilling® and the company file you would like to use.


From the File menu on the main window's menu bar choose Export -> Export Customers.


The format of the export file is 1 record per line with tab characters between the fields.


Each record is on a single line with 1 tab character between the following fields in the order shown:


1.Customer Number [Unique or blank]
2.Customer Name
3.Billing Street 1
4.Billing Street 2
5.Billing City
6.Billing State [Abbreviation for US and Canada]
7.Billing Zip
8.Billing Country
9.Ship Name
10.Ship Street 1
11.Ship Street 2
12.Ship City
13.Ship State [Abbreviation for US and Canada]
14.Shipping Zip
15.Shipping Country
16.Credit Card Number [16 Digits - Numbers Only]
17.Credit Card Expiration Month [2 Digits]
18.Credit Card Expiration Year [4 Digits]
19.Contact Name
20.Contact Title
21.Contact Email
22.Primary Contact Phone Number [Any Format]
23.Secondary Contact Phone [Any Format]
24.Contact Fax [Any Format]
25.Customer Notes


Excel and most other spreadsheet programs can open TSV (tab separated file) formatted files!