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Emailing Invoices

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Emailing invoices can be an affordable and fast way to get your invoices to your customers. kBilling® supports emailing invoices internally so you never have an extra step going through Outlook or Outlook Express. This means that kBilling® needs the same settings for sending mail as your e-mail client on your computer does and it also needs permission to directly access the network - be sure to "allow" kBilling® through any firewall software you might be running.


The  information kBilling® needs is your ISP's SMTP server. An ISP is an Internet Service Provider (like Adelphia, or Time Warner, or AOL), and an SMTP server is your outgoing mail server. GMail's, for example, is but yours could be anything. Please consult your ISP for this information or, if your ISP is in the "Preset Settings" list, select it from there.


Some mail servers require a few special settings like a username and password or encryption (SSL/TLS).  If you are not sure what settings your mail server requires, it won't hurt anything to give it a try - just click on the Send Test Email button to test your settings.


A note to users of Yahoo, Hotmail and other free web-based email services:

Gmail is currently the only service that allows "free" users to send and receive email outside of the browser. Any server that requires you to send and receive mail through a web browser won't work with kBilling®. If in doubt just drop us an email at and ask - we'll be happy to help you sort it out!




The email tab holds all the settings required to send out invoice emails. If the workstation kBilling® is installed on isn't connected to the Internet or the email features of kBilling® won't be used, skip this section.


Server Settings
SMTP Server - Sometimes called the 'outgoing mail server', this settings is the same used by any email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc). If this value is unknown please consult your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Port - This value is almost always 25. Only modify this value if instructed to do so by your ISP.


Username/Password - Outgoing mail username and password. Most users can leave this field blank. If email errors occur try filling in the username/password from your ISP - the username is typically your email address.


Preset Settings - A list of email providers that we've included the server settings for. These are correct to the best of our knowledge - please defer to your ISP and enter your own values if needed.


Use SSL/TLS - Encryption support for sending email - only use this if your server supports it. GMail requires SSL, your ISP may as well.


Use CRAM - Another encryption setting. Only use this if your ISP tells you that you need to. Most can leave it off (the default setting)


Send Test Email - Use to test your email settings. When you click the button a test email will be sent to the address you enter - the test email only contains "This is an email setting test from kBilling®".