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Customizing Invoices

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For things like changing the column header text, invoice banners, logos, footer text or default notes, see the Settings section (the Invoice Templates tab) of the manual (those change don't require much work at all!).


kBilling® uses ReportMan, an Open Source system for designing and printing formatted documents (like invoices!).


ReportMan Homepage:


You can find your invoice template directory by opening the Settings (Edit->Settings from the main window), then clicking on the Invoice Templates tab and the Open Template Directory button at the very bottom.


All of the invoice templates that kBilling® uses are complex so editing them yourself using ReportMan can be very daunting. Don't panic! Just send your requests to and we'll work with you to get the invoice to look the way you need it to. Most simple custom templates can be done for free and complex ones at a very reasonable rate.


If you choose to customize your invoices BE SURE TO SAVE THEM USING A UNIQUE NAME! The invoices that ship with kBilling® by default will be updated and modified with new releases and a new install (or upgrade) could overwrite your changes if you do not save your customized template with a unique name.