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Creating an Invoice

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Creating an invoice in kBilling® is possible in several different ways. For example, if you read the Customer Detail section of the first chapter you will see several buttons and menu items allowing you to create an invoice directly from a customer record. Alternatively you may create a new invoice and then choose the customer for which it is being created. This section will concentrate on the latter method.



1.Click on the Invoices tab
2.Click on the New Invoice button




1.Choose the customer from the list provided (all Active customers in the database) or type in a new customer name. Customer name is required!
2.Both the Bill To and Ship To addresses are optional and are filled in automatically if you selected a customer from the drop-down list.
3.Add items to the invoice.


When the New Invoice button is clicked this window will appear:




This window allows you to add items to an invoice. There are three ways to add items using this window :


1.Search using the Enter SKU or Enter Name fields - just type a full or partial SKU or product name in the appropriate field and press enter on your keyboard or click the Find button
2.Choose a product from the drop-down list of all active products in the database. If you do this all the fields will be filled in with data from the product record and you can edit the information displayed.
3.Enter all the information by hand. The only required field is Item Name.


The Save changes to database check, when checked, saves the product information to the product database.


4.Save! If you make any modifications to the invoice other than adding and editing line items, you need to save your changes by clicking Save or pressing F2 on the keyboard.


Please continue with the next section in this chapter entitled "Editing an Invoice"!