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Creating a New Company

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Start kBilling®. If this is the first time you have started kBilling® the Company File Wizard window will show:



Click the New Company button at the top of the window.



The only required information is the company name (the first field).


The text boxes on the bottom are for your company name, address and any other information you want to put on the header of your invoices. Most use the left box for company address and the right box for phone, email, fax, etc. It's totally up to you how you use them! Note: Images are added elsewhere.


Click Save New Company to choose the location of your company file. The company file can be anywhere on the local computer or on a network fileserver so that multiple workstations access the same database.


Move on to the next section entitled "Settings" to get an overview of all the settings you can edit in kBilling®.